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Dynamite debuts a new Red Sonja mini-series -- The four issue "QUEEN OF THE FROZEN WASTES" mini-series features a story from Marvel Exclusive creator Frank Cho who is joined by veteran comics writer Doug (The 'Nam) Murray for this special series event! The two co-writers are joined by artistic sensation Homs, making his Hyborian debut.

Story by Frank Cho and Doug Murray,art by Homs; Coversby Frank (SHANNA/NEW AVENGERS) Cho (50%),and Mark (WOLVERINE: ORIGINS AND ENDINGS/GHOST RIDER) Texeira (25%),and Homs (25%)!

Ms. Marvel #3 and #4 Covers


Here’re the Babe and Ape Statue in progress

Things are looking good. Mike Petryszak is now tweaking and refining the girl. He’s racing to have an advance model made for San Diego Con. Click the image above for a gallery.


written by FRANK CHO
art & cover by FRANK CHO
May 31 • FC • 32 pg• $2.99

It’s finally here!! It’s not a hoax. It’s not a dream. A brand-new issue of LIBERTY MEADOWS. Testosterone and estrogen runs high as Ralph and Jen race for speed supremacy. Frank battles his inner demons as Brandy’s wedding nears.

RETAILER WARNING - Contains mild cartoon nudity. C’mon. It’s a Frank Cho comic.

Red Sonja Wrap around Cover


Frank Cho signed to do covers for Ms. Marvel series

Straight out of the pages of NEW AVENGERS and HOUSE OF M! For the first time in over two decades, Ms. Marvel stars in her own ongoing series! Come along for one heck of a wild ride as Brian Reed (co-writer of the thrilling SPIDER-WOMAN: ORIGIN) joins forces with penciller extraordinaire Rob de la Torre for an action-packed adventure that includes special guest stars Captain America and Jessica Jones. All this and an alien invasion that could mean the end of life on Earth, is tucked inside a cover by Multi Award winning creator, Frank Cho!


Marvel Comic’s reprinting their romance comics from the 50s and 60s and adding a modern twist! These series of one shots will be out this spring.

Frank Cho will be doing the cover art to “Marvel Romance: I Should Have Been A Blonde.” Colors by Jason Keith.


Here’s the front cover oil painting for my upcoming art book.


It will be published by Image Comics.

More detailed announcement will be posted soon.


Liberty Meadows Holiday Ornament
In Stores early December 2005
Available for pre-order in The CS Moore Studio Store!

Brandy Statue
In Stores December 2005/January 2006
Available for pre-order in The CS Moore Studio Store!

Truman & Oscar Plush
In Stores Winter 2006
More information in the The CS Moore Studio Store!


Here’s a sneak peek of the new upcoming statue from Reel Art Studios.

Babe and Ape is being sculpted by the very talented Mike Petryszak for Reel Art Studios. For more info and updates, go to:

The Black Panther #8 first printing sold out (Naked Storm cover), so Marvel askedFrank to do the cover to the second printing. Here it.


Baltimore Comicon is celebrating Teen Titans 25th anniversary. For that landmark occasion, Baltimore Comicon is giving away FREE this special one of a kind Teen Titans poster drawn by Frank Cho.

This poster is very limited. Only the first 2000 people will get it so
come early.

For more info, go to...

Spider-Woman Spread

Nodwick Cover Colored

Here’s the cover to the comic that my buddy, Aaron Williams, is doing. It’s called Nodwick.The Nodwick art (Red Dragon) was colored by Jason Keith, my Shanna colorist.

New Avengers #15 cover

JULY 2005
Brandy Statue Prototype Colored

Hey Gang!

Here are shots of the Brandy statue prototype colored. There will be minor tweaks to the color but the overall appearance will be the same.

It’s slated to come out end of the year.

For more info, go to

Frank Cho

JUNE 2005
New Avengers #14 and #15

I’ll be drawing a special New Avengers two issue story arc written by the great and prolific, Brian Bendis, featuring Spider-Woman.

I’ll be drawing The New Avengers #14 and #15, coming out end of the year.

Frank Cho

Upper Deck Card Art

Go Teen Titans!

This year’s Baltimore Comic Con will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the New Teen Titans. For the occasion, Frank Cho has illustrated a special New Teen Titans cover for the program book.

For more info, go to:

MAY 2005
Sketchbook Two COVER

Black Panther Cover #8, Storm is Coming

Come See Brandy at WONDERFEST: May 28-29

Clayburn Moore will unveil the new Brandy statue prototype at Wonderfest this week.

Also Frank Cho will be at hand at Wonderfest to sign, sketch, and answer
any questions on all his upcoming projects.



I just uploaded all of the the Shanna covers including some unused color versions.

Black Panther 8 Cover

April 2006
Cryptozoo Crew Cover

Here’s a cover that I’m doing for my buddy, Al Gross. He writes a comic called Cryptozoo Crew, published by NBM & illustrated by Jerry Carr. Cryptozoo Crew is about world famous Cryptozoologist Tork Darwyn, and his wife Tara. They travel the world together searching for hidden, unique animals. Tork can unravel the mysteries of Loch Ness--he can find a ways to rescue endangered specimens of undiscovered primates. About the only animal he can't figure out is his wife!

Nodwick Cover

Here’s the cover to the comic that my buddy, Aaron Williams, is doing. It’s called Nodwick.

Shanna #6 Cover

Here’s the uncensored First Draft Pencil Study for Shanna #6 cover. It’s pencil on Bristol board. It’s 14” x 22”. Mint condition.

eBay item # 6523843887

Will Eisner tribute for Comic Book Artist Magazine

March 2005


Frank Cho will be illustrating the cover to X-Men #461, featuring fan favorite Mojo. The cover will be colored by the talented Richard Isonove. Check the latest Previews Catalogue to order your copy today.

February 2005

Clayburn Moore is down the home stretch adding finishing touches on the
long awaited Brandy statue.

Stay tuned, True Believers!


Here's a sneak peek at the new cover by Frank Cho for Swampmen: Muck-Monsters of the Comics.

Swampmen: Muck-Monsters of the Comics

Rising from the ooze and mire comes the definitive tome detailing the
macabre history of those weird and wondrous swamp creatures of American

Through interviews the writers and artists who produced this odd
sub-genre of horror comic books recall the creation and lives of such
unforgettable characters as Swamp Thing, Man-Thing, It, Bog Beast, The
Glob, Marvin the Dead Thing
, and others.

Published by TwoMorrows Publishing

December 2004
Truman Plush Toy Coming Soon

Truman Plush Toys will be modeled after this 3-D model study thatClayburn Moore has sculpted. Clayburn Moore is overseeing the all the Liberty Meadows toys and sculptures. Here're the latest photos of Truman Plush Toys.

The release date for Truman and Oscar plush toys will be announced soon.

Frank Cho

Cho Covers Black Panther #3

Coming this spring, a new Black Panther series by Reggie “House Party” Hudlin and John “Italian Stallone” Romita Jr will be launched by Marvel. Illustrating the cover to issue number 3 will be our own Monkey King himself, Frank Cho. Check it out.

November 2004

Finally! After a long wait, MARVEL's SHANNA #1 hit the stores February 2005. The first issue will ship the first week of February. Written and drawn by Frank “Master” Cho and gloriously colored by Dave “Blaster” Stewart. So order your copies today.

October 2004

The uber-sculptor, Clayburn Moore, just sent these latest photos of the Brandy Statue. Clay has outdone himself. This Brandy is everything andmore than I had hoped for. The entire process is moving along swimmingly.
(Clay is fine tuning the breasts to meet my exacting demands.)

The next step is finalizing Brandy's costumes. Yes, COSTUMES!

Stay tuned for more updates.

September 2004


Here’s the fantastic final Witchblade cover image of the colored by the multi-Eisner winner Laura Depuy Martin.

So order your copy today.


Frank Cho

Brandy Statue is Coming!



The long anticipated Brandy statue is coming. Sculptor Supreme, Clayburn Moore, is hard at work in immortalizing Brandy in clay. Here are the latest pictures of work in progress. Brandy in all her glory will hit the stores in spring of 2005. Stay tuned for more info. CLICK HERE for a gallery of the work in progress.

August 2004
Frank Cho does Witchblade!

Here’s the latest cover from the Head Monkey himself. It’s the new variant cover for Witchblade #80 coming out next month. So run. Do not walk to your local comic shop and order your copy today.

Ships with three covers, ask your retailer to order your favorite!

Frank Cho does Sue Storm!

Uncle Frank will be drawing the cover to Marvel Knights 4 issue 13 coming out later this year. It will depict fan favorite, the lovely and powerful Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four. Colorist will be announced later. Order your copy at the comic shop today.

JUNE 2004

Hallelujah! My parole is over! I’ll be flying down to California for the San Diego Comicon after all.

I’ll be hanging out at my buddy Scott Kurtz and Robert Kirkman’s table (#1229). I’ll be signing autographs and peddling some old sketchbooks, and 2 pieces of original art. (Dejah with Ax and More Fund Spider-Man Cover) So don’t be shy. Come and see me.

And if you’re really nice, I might draw you a sketch.

Uncle Frank

FCBD: Sky Dog Press Unveils Final Cho/Spidey CBLDF Art at FCBD in Baltimore

Cards Comics, and Collectibles Welcomes Five Comics Creators, Shows off original Frank Cho Art for FCBD

Just as the new Spider-Man movie will be stunning audiences in theaters this weekend, visitors to Cards Comics, and Collectibles (of Reisterstown, MD) will be stunned by Frank Cho's final art for the cover to Even More Fund Comics, the CBLDF Benefit anthology, shipping in September. The cover, featuring Spider-Man and the Green Goblin, will be on display, and Cho will be on hand to sign souvenir color postcard prints featuring the cover.

Cho, best known as the creator of Liberty Meadows, and artist for the upcoming Spider-Man #5, will be joined by comics creators Jimmy Gownley (Amelia Rules), Steve Conley (Bloop, Astounding Space Thrills), Mark Haynes (24) and John Gallagher (Buzzboy, editor/publisher of More Fund). All will be giving out free copies of their comics, doing sketches, and answering questions for fans young and old.

Marc Nathan, owner of CC&C, is enthusiastic about the day's events, stating,"After the overwhelming response to last year's FCBD, and the TV and press coverage we've received-- plus all these great creators on hand, we honestly expect a lot of new people coming in, a lot of our regulars, and we have hundreds of comics for everyone." CC&C will have on hand every FCBD comic offered, with extra copies ordered of the "Amelia Rules FCBD" edition, of which which Gownley is the creator. Conley's own "Bloop" is featured in an 8-page story in the book as well.

Nathan is doubly excited by the FCBD/Even More Fund postcard promotion, as the all-star benefit book will be premiering at his own Baltimore Comic-Con September 11-12. "Freedom of speech affects all people, of all ages-- John Gallagher has gathered some of the best creators in the business, including those attending the FCBD festivities, and I'm proud to have them all at the shop. This really get s the ball rolling for Even More Fund, and the CBLDF."

Frank Cho, Jimmy Gownley, Steve Conley, MarkHaynes, and John Gallagher will be appearing from Noon until 5 PM at Cards Comics, and Collectibles, Reisterston, MD. For more information and directions, call 410-526-7410.

For more information on Even More Fund Comics, go to

CBLDF Benefit Book Features Spider-Man cover by Frank Cho!

Following up on the success of last year's MORE FUND, which raised upwards of $30,000 for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund ( some of comics' hottest creators will team up to present this star-spangled benefit book, courtesy of Sky Dog Press, and featuring comics stories and art by George Perez, Kurt Busiek, Jim Lee, Bill Willingham, Michael Avon Oeming, Mike Wieringo, Ron Marz, Mike Baron, Adam Hughes, Mark Schultz, Ande Parks, Ron Garney, Howard Porter, Neil Vokes-- plus, rising stars like Scott Kurtz, Eric Powell, Mike Hawthorne, & Dean Haspiel!

The book also features a special "CBLDF Sketchbook" section, offering a peek into these creators' private portfolios--like getting one-of-a-kind convention sketches, from the comfort of your own comic shop! Under the supervision of editor/publisher John Gallagher (Buzzboy), the anthology will debut the weekend Sept 11-12, 2004 at the Baltimore Comic-Con (, offering up 144 pages or stories, sketches, and pin-ups for just $10--The book will hit comic book store shelves the following Wenesday.

"The response to last year's More Fund was so positive," said Gallagher, "from the top-notch stories creators like Erik Larsen, Brandon Peterson and Stuart Immonen contributed, to the awesome sales we enjoyed in Baltimore, and across the country--we knew that this was a cause worth supporting again." More Fund was conceived as the first all-ages CBLDF benefit book, by Gallagher, with Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows), and Baltimore Con organizer Marc Nathan.

"In going all-ages, John was determined to get this comic in the hands
of as many people as possible, to spread the word on the mission of the CBLDF" said Nathan, "and the general audience appeal of the Baltimore Comic-Con turned out to be the perfect place for the book to premiere. Because threats to the Freedom of Speech affect all ages." Several creators (over 20 at last count) contributing to EVEN MORE FUND will be on hand to sign the book at the Baltimore show, including Cho (who, with Marvel's kind support, is illustrating a Spider-Man cover), Busiek, Oeming, Vokes Hughes, Howard Porter, all of Insight Studios, and others-- making the book an instant collectors' item.

EVEN MORE FUND COMICS, An All-Star Benefit Book for the CBLDF, is published by Sky Dog Press and solicits under the CBLDF banner in the August Edition of Diamond's Previews magazine. You can catch a sneak preview of EVEN MORE FUND (as well as the growing contributor list) at over the next few days--and look for other Sky Dog books in the Sky Dog Press section in the August Previews!


Mmmmmmm............... Princess of Mars model kit. Droool.......... I need one of those. And a few days off to put it together. Arghhhhh... Mike Petryszak has brought one of Frank's creations to life again. Check out the "Not Suitable for Work" ad by clicking on the above preview. Then stop sniffing your model glue & put it to some good use you damn dirty apes!

MAY 2004
The GOON "My Murderous Childhood" book introduction

Some other sucker has convinced Frank to put pen to paper to introduce a book. This time it's GOON creator Eric Powell. Check out the details at


Here's the advance cover image of the award-winning Liberty Meadows third collection book. This volume will collect issues 19 - 27 of the regular comic book series including the pulse-pounding Evil Brandy saga.

Also included in this volume will be the Cover Gallery, Sketch Gallery and a never before published Short Story.

It's slated to come out in September. So order your copies today and brace yourself for comedy gold.


Coming in August.

Order your copies NOW!!!

Written by Mark Millar
Pencils & Cover by Guest Artist Frank Cho

"VENOMOUS" Part 1 (of 4)
Guest-artist Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows) comes on board to blow people's minds, and to blow some things up for Spider-Man in a very unfriendly neighborhood! The brash, bold Mark Millar continues to beat the stuffing out of Peter Parker in new and inventive ways that you will not want to miss! Featuring Black Cat, Venom and Doctor Octopus!
32 PGS./MARVEL PSR …$2.99
UPC: 5960605521-00511

MARCH 2004

Due to popular demand from bookstore retailers, Liberty Meadows: Eden collection book will be reformatted to better fit with other newspaper humor books. The new LM: Eden book will be printed in landscape format with two daily strips per page instead of usual four strips per page as in the hardcover book, and with the same size dimensions as the Calvin & Hobbes books.

It will be 224 pages long with the cover price of $19.95. It’s slated to be in bookstores late July 2004.


Hey Gang!

Our family just grew by one. Cari and I would like to announce the birth of our second daughter, Samantha. She came to us on March 8, 2004 at 9:48 pm via C-section, healthy and screaming. She weigh in at a whopping 8 pounds 13.5 ounces and 19 ¾ inches long.

All of us are adjusting to Samantha and her schedule. Emily and Truman are happy to have a new baby sister in the house, and we’re happy that Samantha allows us to sleep at least 3 hours each night.

Thank you all for the well wishes.

Frank Cho


Invincible #14 cover colors



Invincible #14 cover


Hey Monkey Boys and Monkey Girls!

You wanna see your name in print? Yes? Wanna impress the girls on your block? Yes?...Then test your anal retentive LM knowledge and submit your wacky LM info to me!

That's right, Nancy. I've decided to make a Liberty Meadows Source Book and I need your help. No matter how well versed I'm in the world of Liberty Meadows, I'm going to screw up and leave something important out in the source book. So I'm asking you, my loyal and crazy readers, for help in putting this source book together.

What kind of info I'm looking for you ask? Well, anything goofy or fun. Like:

* How many times Dean got beat up by women?
* How did Evil Brandy come to Liberty Meadows?
* How many different comic and cartoon characters were parodied?
* What are Brandy's brother and sister's name?
* How many movie references are made so far?
* What are some of Ralph's crazy inventions?
* How many times did Frank the vet fantasize about Brandy?
* ETC...

Email me your crazy info ( ) and if it's goofy or scary enough, I'll include it in the sourcebook.

PRIZE: See your name in print. 5 copies of the Liberty Meadows Source Book, and 1 autographed copy.

So get crackin' and show me your insane Liberty Meadows knowledge.

Frank Cho


Frank Cho donated this rare, exquisite piece of original art featuring the first appearance of the lead character from his upcoming comic “Summer Days.” Drawn as the variant cover to the Baltimore Comic Con More Fund Comics #1, this rare piece is the only “Summer Days” illustration available and one of the few pieces of Cho art still on the open market. Signed by Cho, this piece benefits the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund! is proud to organize this auction of items to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. All items in this auction have been donated to raise money for the Fund’s First Amendment legal work on behalf of the comics industry. The CBLDF is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization dedicated to providing free legal advice and free legal counsel to comic book retailers, artists, publishers, and distributors on First Amendment legal matters.

So bid often and bid high. It’s for a great and important cause.


Frank Cho will be appearing in these stores.

*NOVEMBER 29, Saturday. (1pm – 4 pm).

BEYOND COMICS located inside the Lakeforest Mall in Gaithersburg, Maryland. (Right off route 270.)

For more info, contact:

Lakeforest Mall
701 Russell Ave.
Gaithersburg, MD 20877

DECEMBER 6, Saturday. (1pm – 3pm).

CLOSET OF COMICS in College Park, Maryland.

For more info, contact:

7315 Baltimore Ave. (Route 1)
College Park, MD 20740


Frank Cho will be signing comics and chatting with the fans about the upcoming Shanna the She-Devil Miniseries from Marvel and various Liberty Meadows projects. And if you ask nicely, he may do a sketch or two.

See you there!


I just updated the Coming Soon & Checklist pages.

September 2003
(EVEN) MORE FUND! CBLDF benefit comic adds 64 pages, Frank Cho exclusive cover for Baltimore Comicon

More Fund Comics
, the star-studded anthology benefiting the CBLDF, just got bigger and better, and it's still just 10 bucks! In addition to the George Perez Hulk cover, Sky-Dog Press and The Baltimore Comicon are offering a show-exclusive Frank Cho cover, only to be found at the Baltimore convention Sept 20-21.

More Fund already had some big names involved: a George Perez Hulk cover, all-new multi-page stories by Mike Oeming (Powers), Erik Larsen (Savage Dragon), Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows), Geoff Johns & Scott Kolins (Flash, Avengers, JSA), Mark Wheatley (Frankenstein Mobster), Scott Kurtz (PvP)--- and pin-ups and sketches by John Romita, Adam Hughes, Mike Wieringo, John Romita Jr, Todd Nauck, and many more.

But now it's exploded with new art and stories-- expanded to 192 pages, with no price increase! " The generosity of the creators participating in More Fund has been overwhelming," said publisher/creator John Gallagher, "with over 30 stories by top artists (and the fact that it helps the CBLDF), I think everyone will see this is a "must-have" book."

Additions include stories by Stuart Immomen (Superman: Birthright), Crossgen's Ron Marz & Brandon Peterson, Joe Staton (E-Man), J. Bone (Spiderman: Tangled Web), Neil Vokes (Superman Adventures), Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo)-- a whopping 37 stories in all! There are also more gallery pin-ups & sketches by such greats as Art Adams (Monkey Man & O'Brian), Terry Dodson (Spiderman: Black Cat), Mark Schultz (Xenozoic Tales), Howard Porter (JLA, Flash), Phil Noto (Birds of Prey), adding up to over 30 pages of top-notch art in the "CBLDF Gallery."

Oh yeah, about that Cho cover-- Introducing a brand new concept by Frank Cho and Scott Kurtz, the Baltimore Comicon exclusive cover sports the debut of "Summer Days," which a great prelude to the 10 pages "Summer Days" story, just added to More Fund!

"The great thing about More Fund debuting in Baltimore," added Gallagher, whose own Buzzboy makes an appearance in the book, "is the fact that so many of the MORE FUND creators will be at the show, to sign the books." The Baltimore Comicon will also be conduction a CBLDF benefit auction, with art from the book and it's creators, including the stunning covers by George Perez an Frank Cho, who will both be attending the show.

For more information on More Fund Comics and the a full exhibitor list for the Baltimore Comic-Con, go to, and

More Fund Comics is a 192-page trade paperback, shipping in September, retailing for $10.00, Published by Sky Dog Press, Diamond Item #JUN03 2205. It hits comics shops the soon after the Baltimore Comicon, on Sept 20-21.

Frank Cho Cover:

George Perez Cover:

Other More Fund Art:

Contact Info:
John Gallagher
sky-dog comics
7948 Freehollow Dr
Falls Church, VA 22042

August 2003

LM #35 Colored by Brett Evans

Things are running in high gear here at Liberty Meadows. Several big projects are at works with many more to come. Here’s the latest list of Liberty Meadows products coming soon:

October 2003 – Liberty Meadows #34

November 2003 – Liberty Meadows Second collection book (Creature Comfort)

December 2003 – Liberty Meadows #35

February 2004 – Liberty Meadows #36

April 2004 – Liberty Meadows #37

Spring 2004 – Liberty Meadows Third collection book (Untitled at this point)

So save your pennies, kiddies. Uncle Frank needs a new boat!



Check it out, ladies.

A new Brandy art provided by LaserMach will debut at the Baltimore Comic Con. This image was originally the cover image to the Baltimore Comic Con program cover from couple of years ago. But due to the overwhelming request, it was recolored by Dave Stewart, and offered as an exclusive Laser Cell.

More info as the convention nears.

See you at the con.

Monkey Boy Cho

July 2003
Frank Cho: Sketches and Scribbles

Because you've asked for it and my third quarter tax is coming up fast. My new sketchbook will debut at San Diego Comicon this year. It's called Frank Cho: Sketches and Scribbles. Its 80 pages of monkeys and babes. The price of this mother is only $20. Cheap! (Act fast, the last sketchbook sold out in 1 day.)

I'll be at booth #1504 on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday only, from 1pm - 5 pm selling this spiffy book. Whatever's left over on Sunday morning, I'm going to sell it to Budd Plant Comic Art so you chimps overseas can get it also. But no guarantees.

Hope you guys like it.

See you at San Diego.

Frank Cho covers Hellboy!


Monkey Boy Frank Cho art will grace the upcoming Hellboy comic book published by Dark Horse.

Cho’s art will appear on Hellboy: Weird Tales #6 which is slated to come out in December 2003. The cover color was provided by the talented Dave Stewart. So order your copy today. For more info go to

June 2003

True Believers comics & gallery will be having a Grand Opening, 21 June, 11 AM to 7 PM at the shop on 435 S. Guadalupe Santa Fe, NM 87501 across from Tomasita's. We will be featuring original artwork by Andy Kuhn and Frank Cho, among other artwork available for sale such as John Byrne, Tom Mandrake, and Tim Sale.

We will have live entertainment with Paul Glickman, with performances at 12 PM, 1 PM, and 3 PM. We are having a costume contest--come as your favorite theme related character and win prizes! Contest will be judged at 2 PM. We are having an original art auction--check out the piece at DeVargas Theater and start bidding early (Hulk by local artist Geoff Shaw on a 6' x 4' piece of plywood! It's awesome!)! Silent bids will be taken starting Thursday 19th with the highest being awarded at 4 PM on Sat 21 June! Local Artists of all ages! We are hosting an art contest. Bring your original work for judging beginning at 12 PM. Votes for your work will be collected from customers throughout the afternoon, and prizes willbe awarded at 5 PM. We will have food and much more! Call 992-TRUE for details.


Press Release

In an effort to meet the expected high-demand for Mark (THE ULTIMATES) Millar and Terry Dodson's TROUBLE #1, the July 2nd debut issue of the debut series in its EPIC Comics line, Marvel has officially decided to make an exception to its long-standing policy of not reprinting single issues by offering comic readers a second edition of this much-anticipated issue.

Called TROUBLE #1: THE 'SECOND CHANCES' EDITION (MAY035051 D, $2.99, MARVEL PG+), this additional printing will feature the same interior contents, but with a full-color, illustrated cover by artist Frank (LIBERTY MEADOWS) Cho, replacing the initial printing's photo cover by French photographer Phillippe Biabolos.

TROUBLE #1: 'THE SECOND CHANCES' EDITION (MAY035051 D) can be ordered by retailers now and will initially reach stores on 7/16. Readers and retailers are advised that quantities of this additional printing may be limited and orders allocated, so readers are encouraged to ask their local comics' retailer to reserve a copy.

However, Marvel will continue to take orders on the 'SECOND CHANCES' EDITION through 7/10, and if reader demand is sufficient, may go back to press again to make additional copies available on 7/30, one week before TROUBLE #2 will reach comic shops.

"Since most of the big twists on this book were held back until the very last minute, both Marvel and I appreciate that it might be hotter than anyone expected and not everyone's actually going to get it in time," said writer Mark Millar. "Superman: Red Son took everyone by surprise too and was sold out in most places inside 24 hours. Unfortunately, DC chose not to reprint it so I'm especially pleased at the idea of a second edition that means people can actually get their hands on TROUBLE #1 before some greedy, little sod hawks it on eBay or whatever for five times what it's actually worth."

As previously announced, this second offering of a hot Marvel book will help the publisher gauge the potential for future - although extremely rare - exceptions to its no-reprint policy.

"We'll use this opportunity to learn from our positive experiences and mistakes," Marvel's President & COO Jemas said in a press conference earlier this month. "The retailers we have spoken to feel this is the right approach for this kind of book. There's a lot of people who don't want to go back to monthly comic books as pamphlets; they like the collectibility of them. Others don't. I think that everybody on both sides of the fence agrees that, with a project like this, we're better off by making the first edition to order, and reprinting [the book] with an alternate cover."

Jemas also pointed out that, while the 'SECOND CHANCES' EDITION will feature an alternate cover, Marvel wouldn't use this opportunity to begin producing variant covers for titles that do not warrant them. "I really don't like forcing people to buy two copies of the same book. We're really hoping that the additional books will be for readers that missed their chance at picking up the first issue."

Written by Millar and illustrated by Dodson, TROUBLE #1 is the first chapter in a five-part limited series that introduces readers to four teenagers - May, Mary, Ben, and Richard - who enjoy a summer of love and romance, only to face serious consequences afterwards, including pregnancy.

Jemas has stated that the series also "sounds like it's going to be the origin of Peter Parker."

"Over a year ago," explained Jemas, "this project was called 'Parents', because at its inception, it was intended to tell the story of Peter Parker's conception. But when the creative team got to work, the story took on a life of its own, with the focus changing from being on the baby to the four teenagers who are living the life of teenagers. Now the story revolves around two heroes named May and Mary, who make enormous sacrifices in doing what they consider to be the right thing to do. And we shifted the name of the book from 'Parents' to TROUBLE to reflect that.

"This is a very good book, and I think it's going to turn out to be a great series overall. It stands on its own, notwithstanding Spider-Man. Which still leaves the question: Is this the origin of Spider-Man? And I'll give you the honest answer to that question - right now, we don't know. I don't think the answer to that question should be up to me or Joe [Quesada], or Mark [Millar], or [Marvel Comics Senior Editor] Axel [Alonso]. The final answer to that question ought to come from the comic book community itself."

By Popular demand! Moore Brandy

Moore Creations, Inc. is proud to announce a new and exciting agreement with the National Cartoonist Society Award winner and renowned comic artist, Frank Cho. This agreement focuses on a collaborative effort between Clayburn Moore of Moore Creations and Frank Cho to produce 3D product based on characters in and artwork inspired by Frank Cho’s multi-award winning comic, Liberty Meadows. The comic takes place in Liberty Meadows Animal Sanctuary, which houses unwanted and homeless animals. It follows the trials and tribulations of Brandy, Frank, and the crew as they try to contain and control the crazy and often humorous misadventures of the animal residents. The comic tackles everything from hilarious pop cultures to simple pleasures of daily life and the budding romance between Frank the veterinarian and Brandy, the beautiful caretaker of Liberty Meadows.

Says Frank Cho regarding the agreement, "Clay Moore is one of most talented sculptors in the modeling business especially when it comes to sculpting women. He's the best, Period. His Frazetta’s princess statue alone is a testament of his awesome talent and knowledge of the female form. I'm thrilled and excited beyond measure that Clay Moore will sculpt Brandy. I can't wait to see it."

Clayburn Moore, President & CEO of Moore Creations, quoted, “Frank Cho has an approach to the female form in his artwork that I find incredibly sensual and appealing. Capturing the essence of Frank’s beautiful illustrations in the Brandy sculptures will not only be a great pleasure, but very challenging and will certainly improve my work as a sculptor. I'm absolutely looking forward to it.”

Art Gallery is now updated with several new pieces. Included in this batch are the cover art for the next Footman 15 and PvP comic book. Also the rejected t-shirt art for USDA Beltsville Agricultural Center.

Here's the latest from the Head Monkey himself:

I screwed up on the scheduling. I decided to switch the print date on Liberty Meadows Book 1 and Liberty Meadows Book 2. But forgot to send the ad for Liberty Meadows Book 1 for May Preview on time. So the book had to be bumped back a month. Here's the new Liberty Meadows book schedule:

June 2003- Liberty Meadows: Eden.
Book 1. Harcover!

August 2003(?)- Liberty Meadows: Creature Comfort.
Book 2. Hardcover!

The second Liberty Meadows book, Creature Comfort will collect Liberty Meadows issues 10 -18. Plus a new 8 or 10 page stand alone short story and cover/sketch gallery. It will be black and white, and will run 128 pages.

Frank Cho
October 2002

Just in time for Halloween, Frank Cho and Eric Crowe launches a new horror website, Zombie King:

This site is devoted to the new upcoming horror story that Frank Cho and Eric Crowe have been cowriting for the past year. Newcomer and brilliant makeup artist, Eric Crowe, will design most of the characters, the set, and the zombies creatures while Frank Cho finishes his two year Marvel Comics commitment.

Zombie King screenplay and comic book will be out in 2 - 3 years.

Zombie King website will be updated on a regular basis.

September 2002

A massive BUBBLEGUM CRISIS poster is on the way. John Staton, superb and talented manga artist, just completed a new BUBBLEGUM CRISIS poster for Dreamwave (Transformer comic publisher). It's heavily illustrated by this red hot artist, John Staton, who also provided the gorgeous color. Frank Cho assisted in drawing the female characters. It's slated for winter release.

Check out John Staton's new upcoming comic series and prints at the Lone Star Comic Con and Baltimore Comic Con in October.

Monkey Boy Cho signs 2 year contract with Marvel Comics to revamp Shanna the She-Devil!
August 2002

Frank Cho just signed a two year semi-exclusive contract with Marvel Comics. His first project for Marvel will be a Shanna the She-Devil miniseries. Cho will write, draw, and completely recreate the Shanna character for this 8 issue miniseries. Cho's Shanna will be published under the Marvel MAX Line which is geared toward mature audience. " This Shanna that I've recreated is no way like the old Shanna. No more Kazar. No more B.S. animal rights message. No more frail second banana role. She's literally a brand new character. You guys have to read it to see what I'm taking about." Cho also stated that Shanna will be "a cross between Jurassic Park, Tremors and Budd Root's Cavewoman".

Frank Cho's Liberty Meadows comic and Liberty Meadows-related projects will not be affected by the Marvel deal.

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